Introducing Balance

First, we’ll end foreclosure.

Losing a home is one of the hardest things that can happen to a family.

Today, as coronavirus forbearance programs have ended and inflation hits home, we find the economy on the brink. Millions of American homeowners are just a few missed payments away from losing their homes no matter how much equity they’ve worked to build.

For some families, staying in their current home is more affordable than moving to a rental. However, it’s simply not an option once they fall too far behind. They may have equity available in their home to remedy the situation but can't access it.

1.7 Million
Number of US homeowners 30+ days behind on their mortgage
Average starting credit score of Balance Homeowners*
Average Balance Homeowner monthly savings*
* Calculated from Balance Co-Owners as of 7/31/22. Average savings compares total housing and debt payments before and with Balance.

We believe that homeowners are more than their credit scores.

Often, it’s an unexpected life event that sets someone back — a health issue, an extended job search, or the need to care for a loved one. These events can come as a surprise and are often temporary, but they can kick off a spiral of unpaid bills, late fees, and rising debt that’s difficult to escape from.

Co-Ownership with Balance solves this.

We’re a more flexible and affordable way to own a home that replaces a lender with a co-owner (that’s Balance 👋).

We start by understanding a homeowner's situation and determining if Balance will be a good solution for them. If so, we pay off their entire mortgage and other high-interest debt in exchange for an ownership share of their home. This breaks our homeowners out of a downward debt spiral by drastically reducing their monthly debt payments. It gives them a fresh start and the cashflow needed to rebuild their credit. Importantly, the homeowners we partner with remain in control — they get to stay in the home they love and can sell, move, or transition back to a traditional mortgage at any time.

Balance exists to help families stay in their homes with the flexibility to get back on their feet. Our mission is to help these homeowners avoid foreclosure or forced sale.

Our Team

Our team has spent collective centuries building real estate, lending, and software products and operations. We’ve seen how technology, compassion and financial inclusivity can drive life-changing outcomes. Now we choose to build for families who need it most.

We’re already making a dent

4.9 rating on Google Reviews

“Balance Homes was amazing to work with. Their team walked us through the entire process and was always available to help us with any questions we had. Everything was up front no hidden agenda. I look forward to continuing to work with Balance Homes!”

Nicole H.

“Balance help me and my family at a time when no one else could. I appreciate their willingness to help me and to achieve my goals. Thank you for your passion  and dedication.”

Nilsa M.

“Because I had three medical incidents in 2021, I asked Balance Homes for a quote.  Their team is very professional and never pushed me into making a decision. If you are facing foreclosure/forbearance or have too much debt to overcome; I wholeheartedly recommend this company. Reset your life and you will still own your home. You cannot find a better deal!”

Katrina W.

“What a great team.  They all worked together excellently. Any questions I had during the process was great and they explained everything. I do recommend them to be the help you need.”

Kamie M.

“Everyone I have talked to at Balance is always so supportive and friendly… they really want to help you make the whole experience a positive one. They were able to help me keep my home and get back on financial track.”

Julie T.

“The whole Balance team was professional and supportive from start to finish. I highly recommend them!”

Khefentse K.

Our Investors

We’re fortunate to be supported by Alexis Ohanian, Katelin Holloway, and the entire team at Seven Seven Six, alongside Sam Altman & Apollo Projects, Moore Capital, Liquid2, Broadhaven, Cambrian and many more founders, individual and institutional investors.

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