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Balance empowers you to access equity in your home to pay off your entire mortgage and get up to $50k cash out

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Nancy's family received $25k cash out and save $855/mo
Julie's family received $25k cash out and save $855/mo
Monthly payments pre-Balance
Before Balance
Monthly payment with Balance
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Say goodbye to the stress of debt

Balance is the affordable, flexible way to own.

Lower your payments

Payments up to 30% lower compared with current monthly mortgage and debt payments.

More access to cash

Don’t worry about missing payments or falling behind—sell additional equity to Balance over time.

Remain in control

Stay on title, increase your equity, refinance, and sell your home whenever you want.

Most single-family homes qualify

No minimum credit score, takes 1 minute

How it works

Trade your equity for cash to pay off debts. As your finances and credit improve, you can buy out Balance whenever you’re ready.


Balance pays off your mortgage

Balance co-invests in your home by paying off your mortgage and joining you as a silent partner on your deed.


You get extra cash from your home equity at closing

At closing, Balance uses your home equity to advance you up to $50,000. You can use this money to pay off other debts and expenses.


You stay in your home and make monthly payments

You make a monthly payment to Balance that covers your share of the operating expenses (e.g. taxes, insurance, HOA fees) as well as an occupancy fee. As a Co-Owner, Balance will pay its share of the operating expenses each month.


You stay in control

There’s no minimum term. Repay Balance in full at any time by refinancing into a mortgage. Or, sell your home and keep your share of the proceeds—plus appreciation.

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Co-Owners love Balance

4.9 rating on Google Reviews

“Balance Homes was amazing to work with. Their team walked us through the entire process and was always available to help us with any questions we had. Everything was up front no hidden agenda. I look forward to continuing to work with Balance Homes!”

Nicole H.

“Balance help me and my family at a time when no one else could. I appreciate their willingness to help me and to achieve my goals. Thank you for your passion  and dedication.”

Nilsa M.

“Because I had three medical incidents in 2021, I asked Balance Homes for a quote.  Their team is very professional and never pushed me into making a decision. If you are facing foreclosure/forbearance or have too much debt to overcome; I wholeheartedly recommend this company. Reset your life and you will still own your home. You cannot find a better deal!”

Katrina W.

“What a great team.  They all worked together excellently. Any questions I had during the process was great and they explained everything. I do recommend them to be the help you need.”

Kamie M.

“Everyone I have talked to at Balance is always so supportive and friendly… they really want to help you make the whole experience a positive one. They were able to help me keep my home and get back on financial track.”

Julie T.

“The whole Balance team was professional and supportive from start to finish. I highly recommend them!”

Khefentse K.

Balance vs. Refinancing

It shouldn't be so tough to access the equity you've built in your home. With Balance, it doesn't have to be.

Removes mortgage debt
Sell equity for more cash 
Get cash out at closing
Qualify with low credit
Qualify with missed mortgage payments
Time to close
As few as 21 days
45–60 days
Requires cash at close

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Balance offer a low cost alternative to a mortgage?

Balance invests in your home in exchange for a portion of your home equity. As a co-owner, Balance shares in the costs, appreciation and depreciation of your home. Sharing in your future home appreciation allows Balance to offer attractive terms with low monthly payments and flexible qualifying criteria.

How long will Balance be a co-owner?

We’ve tried to make Balance as flexible as possible for our co-owners, so there is no minimum term. Balance currently offers a 7 year maximum term and will typically be repaid whenever you decide to buy Balance out and move to a traditional mortgage or sell the home entirely.

Are there any closing costs associated with a Balance Co-Investment?

Similar to a mortgage and other home equity products, Balance charges a service fee and you are responsible for paying the closing costs. You have the option to pay all of the closing costs with a portion of your home equity, so Balance’s customers typically pay $0 at closing. In fact, customers are also able to sell additional equity to Balance at closing and receive additional cash at closing to pay off other debts. Your closing costs, including any cash outs you elect to receive, will be summarized in a Balance proposal.

Can I repurchase Balance's shares in my house?

Yes! When you enter an agreement with Balance, we'll set a starting price for your home and adjust it up or down every three months based on the Federal Housing Finance Agency's home price index for your metro area. This means any appreciation in your home’s value above this index will be yours to keep! At any time, you can buyback all, or a portion, of Balance’s interests in your home at this price.

How am I protected from losing my home with Balance?

Balance is a co-investor in your home equity, so our goal is to keep you in your home. Any adverse situation is costly and stressful for all parties and we’ve structured Balance to avoid them by being flexible about how much of your home you own. If you cannot afford to pay your minimum monthly payments and have exhausted your ability to pay with equity, we will make every effort to accommodate any alternative financing options. A sale of the residence, where you share in the proceeds accordingly, is a last resort option.

What are the costs associated with the Co-Ownership Program?

Our pricing is fair and transparent: Balance charges a one-time shared ownership entry fee of 2.5% of your home value to co-invest in your home and pay off your mortgage and any other eligible debts. Homeowners have the option to save their cash and pay this one-time fee using their home equity, so a homeowner can partner with Balance without paying any cash to Balance at closing.

You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee to Balance, based upon the percentage of the home co-owned with Balance. You have the option to increase your ownership percentage at any time, by buying back equity, which would help to lower your monthly fee. When you choose to end your co-ownership relationship with Balance, the final amount due is based on the starting value of the home, adjusted for any changes in your local market. As the value of your home changes, Balance’s buy-out amount is adjusted accordingly to reflect the gain or loss of our investment.