First, we'll end foreclosure.

Everyday homeowners tell us stories of unresponsive lenders, spiraling debts, shady tactics, rigid policies, and moving goalposts. We’re saddened by the lack of compassion and attention received as they navigate an incredibly stressful time; by how quickly they run out of options and are forced down a path of foreclosure.

Balance is a team of optimists, technologists, financial wizards, real property experts and humble humans working together to build the most affordable and flexible way to own a home. We use our own capital and flexible standards to craft personalized solutions built on co-investment & co-ownership.

Today we’re focused on homeowners who are struggling with mortgage debt. Our vision is a better ownership structure for all homeowners that replaces debt with equity and lenders with co-investors.

At its core, Balance is simple: we payoff all of an existing mortgage and other debts by making an investment in a home. Think of it as selling shares in the home instead of saddling it with a 30-year debt obligation. For someone facing a credit or income disruption, the debt elimination and payment flexibility puts them back on a fast track towards financial health. They can access their equity while remaining in control of their home: they can refinance, sell, sublet and renovate at any time without penalty or restriction.

If you’re a homeowner falling behind on your mortgage or looking to cash out equity from your home — request a proposal.

If you’re looking to change lives and help homeowners — we're hiring.

If you’re a lender or community bank looking to partner — reach out.

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